First Visit

At your first non-urgency appointment, we will complete a thorough examination. The goal? Both you and Dr. Fabrega must understand what is going on in your mouth so you can work together to make choices about your care. We will use language you understand as well as photographs and samples to make certain you are clear about your condition and the options that are available. If you have x-rays or diagnostic records from your previous dentist, bring them along. If Dr. Fabrega feels additional x-rays or records would be helpful, he will make that recommendation.


If you require immediate attention from Dr. Fabrega, we will arrange to see you on the day you call. If it is a day we are in the office, we will ask you to come right away and we will take care of you as soon as possible. There is a fee for this examination and we will discuss other fees once we see you. On a day when the office is closed, Dr. Fabrega can schedule an after-hours appointment in many cases. There is a fee for Dr. Fabrega to come in after-hours as well as a fee for services provided.


Full Dentures

Immediate Full Dentures
Most people do not want to go without teeth during the healing process following tooth extraction. We offer “immediate” denture/s, which are custom made and placed on the day your remaining teeth are extracted. Rather than have you pay for a second denture or set of dentures after healing is complete, we offer a well-made denture which is periodically relined (on the pink side of the denture) as healing occurs.

Replacement Full Dentures
If you are a denture wearer and you have lost or damaged your dentures or if they simply don’t fit any longer, we will custom make a new set for you. Many times existing dentures can be adjusted or relined to fit better. We will discuss all of these options with you.

Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth and there are many designs and materials from which to choose. The most basic of partials are made of acrylic with wire clasps to hold onto the remaining teeth. Others have cast framework which provides stability. Flexible nylon partials, with or without stabilizing framework are thin and durable. We will make recommendations based on your condition and financial limitations.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are in a word – miracles. No longer do patients have to suffer with missing teeth, a lower denture that moves (they all do, no matter how well-made) or gagging issues with an upper denture. Patients with sufficient bone can often have dental implants placed to replace one or more missing teeth or to secure a full or partial denture. Mini-implants are very affordable and most patients with limited bone prefer this option to secure their dentures. Regular size implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth or to secure full or partial dentures. The procedure is virtually pain-free, healing is very comfortable and, in most cases, the dentures can be secured to the implants on the day they are placed.

Crowns and Bridges

When teeth are badly damaged or brittle and can no longer hold a filling, crowns can restore appearance and function. The remaining tooth is reshaped by removing decayed or damaged areas and a temporary (and attractive) covering is placed on the tooth for the duration of the 2-3 weeks required to make the final crown. The remaining teeth on either side of a missing tooth can be crowned and a replacement tooth can be attached to close the gap. These options are attractive and highly functional.


Dental fillings are a good option for repairing many broken, decayed or damaged teeth and are available in a variety of materials: (1) tooth-matching bonded composite, (2) life-like porcelain, (3) durable gold, and (4) decay-resistant glass ionomer. Silver is not an option in this office.


In general, saving teeth is almost always a good idea. When teeth must be removed, however for reasons of disease, breakdown or economics, the process should be well-planned, gentle and bone-conserving. We offer oral sedatives to ensure that patient’s anxiety is minimal, profound anesthesia to make certain each patient feels no discomfort during the extraction procedure, dissolvable socket packing (antibiotic, cortisone and clotting agent) to eliminate post-extraction complications and follow-up visits to check on healing and recovery.


Our full-time laboratory is equipped to handle same-day repairs in most cases and often within an hour or two. We prefer to begin repairs early in the day to ensure that they are completed in a timely fashion. Whether the denture is broken or missing one or more teeth, our laboratory will resolve the problem quickly and send you on your way.

Other Services

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