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Gone Forever.

Sleep Apnea

Are you drowsy during the day, even if you allowed plenty of time for sleep the night before? Has your bed partner ever complained that you snore or appear to stop breathing during the night? If this sounds like you, it could mean that you could be suffering from a serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The Dental & Denture Care Center works closely with your physician to offer relief for patients with sleep apnea with conservative oral appliance therapy.


Gold Standard in Treatment

Loud during turned on




Can be used by people with or without teeth

Compare Your Options.

Oral Appliance

Close second to the Gold standard

More Comfortable than CPAP

Can only used be used by people with teeth

Ease of mobility when traveling

Less Costly

Easily repaired

The Dentists Role:

The Dentist’s role in treating Sleep Apnea is to work in close collaboration with your Sleep Apnea Physician to screen patients for symptoms and to fabricate a sleep oral appliance at the request of the Sleep Apnea Specialist.

How does and oral appliance work?

If you are diagnosed with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea and cannot tolerate a CPAP machine, the Sleep Physician will refer you to a dentist to fabricate a sleep oral appliance. The appliance is made to fit over the teeth and holds the mandible forward while you sleep. This allows the airway to stay open and the patient can breathe easily.