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When it comes to dentures, you’re not just looking for a fit—you’re searching for something that feels like a part of you, that brings back your genuine smile, and that stands the test of time. We get that.

Our dentures aren’t just made, they’re crafted—with you in mind. Using the latest in dental tech and top-notch materials, we promise you’ll not only smile with confidence but feel it too.

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Ask Dr. Juan

Denture FAQ

What are dentures?

Dentures are detachable dental prosthesis that renew your smile by filling in gaps from absent teeth and their adjacent tissues. The Dental & Denture Care Center’s team of Denture Specialists can guide you through the selections to ascertain the ideal type for you.

What is a denture arch?

A single denture arch substitutes either all of your upper or all of your lower teeth. To replace all of your teeth, you’ll require two denture arches. Every arch features customizable teeth set on an acrylic base colored to match the hue of your gums. At The Dental & Denture Care Center, you can select from an array of gum and teeth shades that mimic the natural look of your own, ensuring your smile appears just as authentic.

How long do dentures last?

With proper care, dentures typically last between 5 and 10 years, depending on the durability of their material and how well you care for them.

Are dentures comfortable?

qAdjusting to dentures might require a bit of time, but rest assured, most patients adjust quite fast! In the initial weeks of use, your dentures will become increasingly comfortable as you get accustomed to speaking and even reading out loud with them. Naturally, The Dental & Denture Care Center’s dedicated team will support you throughout the journey.

Can you wear dentures while sleeping?

Your dentist at The Dental & Denture Care Center advises removing dentures at night to promote gum health and prevent issues like inflammation, bacterial accumulation, or fungal infections. One such infection is Candidiasis, which is triggered by a type of yeast named Candida, that can develop inside your mouth.

How do I clean dentures?

Maintaining dentures is straightforward and aids in extending their lifespan. It’s advisable to clean them daily using a soft-bristled brush and either a denture cleaner or mild soap. Avoid using toothpaste on your dentures, as it contains abrasives that can cause minute scratches on the denture surface, leading to staining and bacteria accumulation. For additional assistance, our team at The Dental & Denture Care Center can guide you to denture-friendly products nearby.

If dentures break, can they be repaired?

Indeed, if dentures break, they can frequently be mended. At numerous The Dental & Denture Care Center locations, we provide same-day repair services in our in-house labs. It’s crucial to have our team of Denture Specialists handle any breaks or cracks professionally to guarantee the best fit and utmost comfort.

How do I know if dentures are the best solution for me?

If you’re dealing with missing teeth and seek an affordable solution to rejuvenate your smile, dentures might be an excellent choice. Arrange a consultation with a dentist at The Dental & Denture Care Center to explore your alternatives.

What are the different types of dentures?

Indeed, there are various kinds of dentures, such as full dentures, partial dentures, and dentures supported by implants.

What is the adjustment to eating with dentures like?

While acclimating to your new dentures, it’s advisable to begin with soft foods, chopping them into bite-sized portions. Ensure you chew gently and utilize both sides of your mouth to balance the pressure. The Dental & Denture Care Center’s team is available to offer further guidance on adjusting to your revitalized smile during the healing process.

Do I need to replace my dentures over time?

Indeed, you might need to replace your dentures every 5 to 10 years due to the natural changes in the shape of your mouth. General wear and tear also play a role in the lifespan of your dentures. Your dentist at The Dental & Denture Care Center can guide you on the appropriate time to consider new dentures.

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