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Dental X Rays

Get your dental x rays at the Dental and Denture Care Center when you need affordable dental care. Our full service dental practicve offers you a wide variety of high quality dental services that are designed to improve your smile. Our x rays are a valuable service we offer that can help us obtain critical information about your oral health and dental treatment.

Dental X Rays From The Dental and Denture Care Center

What Are Dental X Rays?

Digital X Rays at the dentist office, also known as dental radiographs, are valuable diagnostic tools that provide critical data about a patient’s oral health that is not always visible during a routine dental exam. Our dentist and dental team members use this information to accurately diagnose abnormalities and then develop an effective treatment plan. Without x rays taken at the dentist office, major dental problems can go undetected.

What Do These X Rays Uncover?

Yearly x rays are useful for detecting and treating problems at an early stage, which can save you time, money and save you from pain associated with periodontal disease and other oral health issues. Getting scheduled x rays can help reveal:

  • Malignant and benign tumors
  • Decay in between the teeth
  • Poor tooth and root positions inside the jaw
  • Cysts
  • Deteriorating jaw bone
  • Problems inside the tooth
  • Problems below the gum line
  • Improper developmental issues

Are There Different Types Of Dental X Rays?

There are actually two different types of x rays at our dentist office: intraoral and extraoral.

When you go for your standard dental checkup at your family dentist, the intraoral x ray is most commonly taken. These x rays provide information to your dentist in order to find cavities, check the position and health of the teeth’s roots and develop a treatment plan should any abnormalities be found. It is also often covered by most dental insurance plans.

Extraoral x rays take a broader image and are used to learn more about the health of the jaw bone. These x rays are not as detailed as the intraoral x rays and are designed to provide information about the development of the jaw bone.

Both x rays provide extremely useful information when developing a treatment plan for any dental health problems.

Dental And Denture Care Center Dental X Rays

When Do I Need To Get Dental X Rays?

The need for x rays depends on each patient’s particular oral health needs. While it is standard practice to get x rays once a year, your dentist may recommend a different schedule depending on several factors including your age, medical history, dental exam results, visiable symptoms and your risk for periodontal disease. A full series of x rays is standard procedure for all our new patients. 

Are The Dental X Rays At The Dentist Safe?

There is natural radiation in the environment that we are naturally exposed to. The amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to during a routine exam is about the same amount that a person is exposed to in a typical full day.

X rays are produce a very low level of radiation and are considered safe. As a safety precauton, our dental team will provide added safety measures when taking x rays such as covering the body with a lead lined apron. Plus, the advancement of digital technology helps to cut down on the amount of radiation exposure.

What Is A Dental Cone Beam?

A dental cone beam, also known as CBCT, is a certain kind of x ray technology that is used in special cases where standard x ray technology is not always sufficient.

The technology generates a three-dimensional image of all dental structures in the jaw including soft tissues and nerves with very minimal radiation involved.

The images produced by CBCT imaging allows for much more accurate treatment plans as they create a 3-d map of your craniosacral structures for precise diagnosis.

The CBCT technology provides incredibly detailed pictures of the jaw bone and can show any disease occuring in the bone structure or nasal cavity.

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