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Is Pumpkin Spice Bad For My Teeth?

Are you one of those who just can’t wait for pumpkin spice season to roll around each year so you can indulge in all the sweet, spicy deliciousness? We hate to tell you, but did you know this obsession can have negative effects on your teeth?

What Is Pumpkin Spice?

The popular pumpkin flavored spice blend is a combination of allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger that are commonly used in baking pumpkin pies. While these spices do have plenty of health benefits on their own, it’s the combination of these spices with other ingredients used in making tasty treats that can cause problems for you.

With the rise in popularity of spicy pumpkin flavored products, thanks in large part to the great marketing efforts of Starbucks, the food and drink industry has jumped on the pumpkin pie spice bandwagon with new and exciting offerings each fall. You can find pumpkin flavoring in almost anything these days, from tea and coffee, to breads and pastries, creamers, hummus, and even pastas have been hitting grocery store shelves to satisfy our pumpkin sweet tooth cravings.

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How Does Pumpkin Spice Affect Teeth?

So how could something that has actual health benefits, like the spices found in this popular spice blend, be bad for your teeth? Well, that depends on how you consume your pumpkin flavored spiced foods. Overindulging in pumpkin flavored lattes can wreak havoc on your teeth because the acid in the coffee can erode the enamel on your teeth (not to mention stain your teeth too,) but that isn’t the worst part! Did you know that pumpkin pie flavored spice lattes generally have more than 35 grams of sugar per serving? That’s more than the American Heart Association’s daily recommended intake! So, not only are you getting massive amounts of extra calories with each latte, you’re also coating your teeth enamel with sugar which can lead to tooth decay and other serious health issues.

Pumpkin Spice In Moderation

Don’t worry, there are other ways to scratch that pumpkin flavored itch that won’t lead you down the path to dental destruction. Need some suggestions? Try savory roasted pumpkin seeds, or perhaps a healthy low sugar pumpkin pie smoothie, bake a pumpkin dusted with spices, or substitute chai spice for your latte. 

The fall spice craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon and manufacturers will continue creating sweet, spicy delights to tempt you. Don’t worry, by choosing to consume healthier, lower sugar pumpkin pie flavored treats, you can still enjoy the occasional pumpkin flavored spice latte now and again. Just remember to brush your teeth afterward!

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