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A dental implant is an artificial tooth designed as a permanent replacement for a missing or extracted tooth. An anchor is secured to the jaw in place of the old tooth structure. A crown is a custom-made tooth that matches the color of the patient’s teeth and fits over an implant, a damaged tooth or a root canal. Crowns are fashioned from a variety of materials and the process typically takes two to three visits over a two-week period.

Why use dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent, practically maintenance-free and provide a natural appearance. Unlike the alternatives, dental implants are the healthiest solution for preserving facial bone and protecting surrounding teeth. Best of all, dental implants behave like natural teeth. 

Who uses dental implants?

Patients familiar with the difficulties of bridges, dentures, and missing teeth celebrate the freedom that dental implants can provide. Patients with jaw bone and gum degeneration benefit from implants because they stimulate growth of bone and tissue, plus prevent gum tissue from atrophying.

The benefits of having dental implants

A true game changer, implants have spared patients from the embarrassment of missing teeth and discomfort from problematic dentures. Dental implants are a flexible and practical solution that give people the confidence to smile again without worry.

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