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Dental Surgery

The most common dental surgery performed is for the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. Other surgeries are done to address extreme tooth decay, root fracture, dental implants, trauma, or to reduce overcrowded teeth.  

Dental Surgery In Brooksville, Florida

Surgery may be the best option to prevent infection, resolve dental complications, improve appearance and provide relief from pain. Dr. Juan C. Fabrega practices a full range of dental surgery services including the removal of wisdom teeth to TMJ treatments and other corrective jaw surgery needs. He also perfoms a full rangew of dental implants and can treat and diagnose facial pain, facial injuries and bone grafting.

No matter what your dental surgery needs are, the goal is to make you as comfortable as possible in our office. The team here at The Dental and Denture Care Center is trained on sedation dentistry as well as the use of local anesthesia.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Surgery Services?

Patients having severe pain or experiencing any of the serious conditions mentioned above will most likely need surgery. To determine if surgery is needed, x-rays and a thorough exam are performed. Oral surgery can prevent further infection, tooth loss, and disease progression. It can also relieve mouth and gum pain. Oral sedatives are available to minimize anxiety and anesthesia is given to ensure patients are pain-free during surgery. 

Dental And Denture Care Center Dental Surgery

What Kinds Of Dental Surgical Services Do I Need?

Dental Surgery Implants

Dental implants are designed to be an effective replacement of damaged teeth with prosthetics that look and feel like your natureal teeth. After installing dental implants, a person who has previously lost their teeth can eat anything and smile with confidence. Dental implants are a dental surgery service that can help give natural controur to a person’s face and restore the natural appearance of their smile.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafts are performed to repair major damage to jawbone tissues. Defects in the jaw may arise as a side effect of jaw injuries, tumor removal or genetic medical conditions.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The human mouth is designed to contain 28 teeth. Wisdom teeth are an extra 4 teeth that typically appear in the late teens and early 20’s during a person’s lifetime. Because all the slots for teeth are already filled, wisdom teeth have an extremely difficult time growing in causing them to become impacted and infected. Extraction of the wisdom teeth is neccesary to help prevent the growth of cysts, tumors and other oral problems.

Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery is a technique used to correct misaligned jaw bones. While braces can help align crooked teeth, they cannot fix the underlying problems of a misaligned jaw, such as where the teet don’t meet properly when the mouth is closed. Misalignment can occur due to injuries, genetic problems or tumors. Jaw realignment is a significant dental surgery that requires several consultations and months of preparation. However, with the right planning, Dr. Jaun C. Fabrega and his dedicated team can confidently align the upper and lower jaw for optimal oral healh.

When Do You Need To Get Dental Surgery?

Determining whether to get dental surgery or not can be a very difficult choice to make. As you come in for regular cleanings and exams, the family dentist here at The Dental and Denture Care Center, we can help answer your questions about your oral surgical needs and will support you every step along the way. If you feel you might need surgery, please call our office at (352) 848-1050 to schedule a consultation or contact us through our website here. We are here to help.

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