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General dentistry from your family dentist includes preventative care, plus the diagnosis and treatment of tooth pain, decay and gum disease. General dentistry addresses early stage dental issues, prevents later complications, and stops the progression of oral disease. Services typically include fluoride treatments, regular cleanings, and fillings to treat tooth decay or cavities, and repair cracked, worn, and chipped teeth.

Dr. Juan C. Fabrega is a family dentist located here in Spring Hill, Florida. Providing the highest quality general dentistry services to our patients is the foundation of our office here in Spring Hill, Florida. His dedicated team of oral hygiene professionals provide attentive and comprehensive care for your entire family. We offer a total package of family dental services for our patients of any age.

Family Dentist Services

Common Dental Fillings

At The Dental and Denture Care Center, we use fillings that are metal free. Typically these are made from a composite resin and can be placed during a regular visit. Cavities in your teeth should be handled as soon as your fmaily dentist discovers them. Otherwise, you may end up feeling extreme pain in your tooth. Resin fillings are color matched to your teeth and are virtually unnoticeable.

Prevention and Cleanings

A good preventative oral hygiene program involves agreement between the patient, your family dentist and dental staff to preserve the natural definition and structure of your teeth by providing services that prevent the onset of any oral disease.

Preventing oral diseases begins at home with good oral health and hygiene along with a proper diet. Having your teeth cleaned every six months in our office allows the dentist and team to maintain and restore your good oral health.

Aside from cleanings, prevention also involves dental exams and x-rays. During a regular visit, sealants and flouride enriched care products can be recommended to help protect your teeth at home.

Prevention and cleanings are the best way to avoid costly dental problems or emergency dental care in the future and helps to maintain a healthy, confident and beautiful smile.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays or digital radiography is the latest technology used to x-ray your teeth. The technology uses an x-ray sensor instead of film to capture a digital image of the x-ray which is then stored on a computer. The image can be viewed immediately and enlarged if needed to allow the dentists or hygienist the ability to detect oral problems more easily. In addition, digital x-rays reduce radiation by 80-90% compared with traditional x-ray technology.

Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool used by your fmaily dentist which allows them to detect issues that may not be seen during a regular dental exam. Our dentist and team use digital x-ray technology to quickly and safely diagnose hidden tooth abnormalities and suggest a plan for treatment right on the spot. Without the use of the x-rays, many problems would go unnoticed until they become a major problem.

How Do Dental X-Rays Help?

Digital dental x-rays are key for detecting such conditions as:

  • Bone loss
  • Tooth decay between teeth
  • Abscesses and cysts
  • Benign and malignant tumors
  • Developmental problems
  • Abnormal tooth and tooth root positions
  • Problems with the inside of a tooth or issues below the gum line

Detecting problem with your teeth at an early stage can save you from costly dental treatments as well as tooth pain in the future.

Dental and Denture Care Family Dentist

Your First Appointment At
The Dental And Denture Care Center

We serve all adults, children, seniors and families in Spring Hill, Florida who are in need of routine check ups and general dental services. For all new patients, your appointment will consist of a thorough dental exam with Dr. Juan C. Fabrega. He will take time to listen to your concerns and oral hygiene goals during the examination.

Your thorough family dentist exam will involve the following:

  • Checking teeth for decay and broken fillings
  • Diagnostic digital dental x-rays
  • Examing your mouth for oral cancer and periodontal disease.
  • If you wear dentures, we will examine for any poor fitting denture plates and adjust them as needed

A dental hygienist will perform a thoroughh cleaning once the exam has been completed. Dr. Juan C. Fabrega will then discuss the results of your exam and recommend a treatment plan if necessary.

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Regular dental care is vital to a person’s long-term dental and physical health, and ensures that their teeth remain healthy. The sooner problems are identified and treated, the better the outcome over the long term. Our patients often tell us that an appointment to The Dental and Denture Care Center is unlike any other visit to the dentist. Our comprehensive approach to family dentistry is what has made us so successful in delivering and maintaining beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Contact our office today at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here to make an appointment with Dr. Juan C. Fabrega.

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