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For A Corrective Dental Implant Or Bridge Procedure, There Is A Lot To Consider

No one expects to lose their teeth. When you lose a tooth due to an accident or because you may need to have a tooth extraction, you not only deal with the discomfort around losing that tooth but you may also be confronted with the question of how you need to replace it. When you are faced with having to replace one or more teeth, you have a couple of options including getting a dental implant or bridge. The one that is best for you depends on your personal circumstances.

In order to restore your smile and dental function, it is best to replace any missing teeth as soon as possible. Expert dentist, Dr. Juan C. Fabrega and the team at our Spring Hill, Florida office are comitted to walking you through the process of deciding which option is right for you. The following are some questions to consider when deciding on a dental implant or bridge.

When Thinking About A Dental Implant Or Bridge, Ask Yourself These Questions

Do You Prefer The Most Natural Looking Or Practical Option?

If you are looking for a tooth replacement that looks and functions just like a normal tooth, dental implants are the clear choice here. Dental implants have three parts to them.

  • A titanium post that extends into the jawbone
  • A super strong porcelain crown that acts as your tooth
  • An abutment cap

Individual dental implants are carefully constructed by hand to ensure the most natural look is achieved. Each titanium root is screwed into the jawbone where it fuses and bonds with the surrounding tissues. Your mouth needs to heal completely between each step of the process, which means that getting implants, while unparalleled in aesthetics and functionality, can take several months to complete the procedure.

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Do You Prefer To Stay Away From Surgery?

Dental implants are considered to have a disadvantage because they have to be surgically implanted in the jaw. A dental bridge may be the best option for you if you want to avoid the process of surgery and just want a quick and easy tooth replacement turnaround.

A dental bridge is a false tooth that has a dental crown on either side of the false tooth. The teeth on either side of the gap are modified to accommodate the bridge so that it provides the proper fit.

The spanning crawns are placed over the teeth to keep the bridge in place. No one can tell you had any missing teeth. The bridge and corresponding crowns are shaped and colored to mimic your natural teeth.

Are You On A Limited Budget?

When it comes to a dental implant or bridge, the implant is considered more of an investment in your dental health. Implants are more expensive then bridges and if you need to replace several teeth, the cost can encompass several thousands of dollars.

However, implants typically last longer than bridges. In fact, it is not uncommon for implants to last the remainder of a patient’s life without issue. Contrary, a dental bridge may only last five to seven years. If you are worried about cost, talk to us about what option is best for you. There may be financing options available.

Will Dental Insurance Cover My Procedure?

Many dental insurance policies will cover the cost of dental crowns and bridges, which are considered functional tooth replacements.

However, in most cases, dental implants are considered a cosmetic procedure and, as such, are often not covered by dental insurance. However, there may be exceptions to the rule. Ask our dental team here at The Dental And Denture Care Center about whether insurance will cover your treatment and they can confirm how much, if any, your policy will reimburse for your tooth replacement.

Talk To Us About Tooth Replacement Dental Implant Or Bridge Options For You

Whether you are considering a dental implant or bridge, you can rely on the tooth replacement experts at The Dental And Denture Care Center to restore you smile with natural looking implants or a dental bridge. Get started today and call The Dental and Denture Care Center at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here to schedule your appointment today. Our team of dental experts are here to give you the best smile of your life.