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Is Xylitol Safe For My Teeth?

Xylitol has been getting a lot of press lately. Its popularity mainly stems from its ability to assist in the prevention of cavities. Substituting this sugar alternative can significantly reduce the number of cavities that can develop. The popular sweetener is an excellent sugar substitute that aligns with our practice of prevention. However, is this alternative perfectly safe? Let’s explore more.

In Short, Xylitol Is Considered Safe

Unlike many sugar substitutes on the market, Xylitol is considered a safe alternative to sugar. You can happily eat foods that contain xylitol, chew sugar free gum with xylitol or candies containing xylitol or consume many other products using this sweetener without worrying about cancer causing chemicals linked to many sugar alternatives. With this in mind, the sugar substitute has been the subject of several studies and evidence has never been found linking the sweetener to cancer or any other health problems.

Xylitol Can Easily be added To The Diet

Unlike many sugar substitutes, there isn’t a whole you have to change if you want to include this versatile sugar free sweetner into your diet, especially if you seem to have a serious sweet tooth. Most people can’t tell the difference between xylitol and sugar. In fact many find that including a sugar free chewing gum with the sweetner is a great way to add it to their lifestyle. Furthermore, it can also easily be added to coffee and baking just as you would sugar.

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Is It Effective?

Oral bacteria is unable to digest xylitol, which is what makes it an effective tool in the fight against cavities. The bacteria isn’t able to convert the sugar substitute into enamel destroying acids. However, the bacteria still consume it. As a result, the bacteria is prevented from consuming other sugars, it also dies with undigested material in its system.

That being said, how effective is it at preventing cavities? Well, the science is actually still out on that particular topic. There are several studies that can demonstrate that xylitol is effective for cavity prevention. Coupled with other lifestyle changes, the popular sugar substitute can probably make a significant contribution to tooth decay prevention. Consequently, studies have yet to be designed to say that it is with certainty.

Xylitol Is Great, But Prevention Is The Best Approach

Xylitol has some small limitations. However, it can still be a beneficial addition to a cavity prevention routine. For this reason, making it a subsitute for sugar may seem like a small change, but in combination with other positive dietary changes, every little bit counts.

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