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August 22nd Is National Tooth Fairy Day

The tooth fairy is a highly popular myth for many children. If your little one has lost a tooth, it is common to teach them the ritual of leaving their teeth under their pillow in exchange for money. We do it instinctually. However, have you ever wondered how the tale of the tooth fairy came to be? National Tooth Fairy Day is designed to shed light on this children’s tradition. Read to learn more.

What Is National Tooth Fairy Day?

National Tooth Fairy Day is August 22nd every year. It is a special day to celebrate our memories as a kid where we believed the story of a magical fairy who swapped out our lost tooth for money or treats which would be discovered in the morning. Many kids are afraid of losing their teeth. The story of the tooth fairy was created to help make it fun.

The tradition of giving a child gifts in exchange for a lost tooth traces back to medieval Europe. However, the character of  the tooth fairy didn’t appear until the 20th century.

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Where Did The Tooth Fairy Come From?

Mention of the “tooth fairy” was forst mentioned in the Chicago Tribune back in 1908. The author of the article, Lillian Brown, suggested an idea that would help parents persuade their children that they should have their loose teeth extracted. The idea was the suggestion of the “tooth fairy” who would leave kids 5¢ under their pillow for every tooth they lost.

The idea was a popular one and spread through the country, spawning other articles in other publications. Several years later, the tooth fairy was born and it became a regular part of our childhood.

Where did the Chicago Tribune author originally get the idea for the Tooth Fairy? She may have gotten the idea from the Norse people of Europe in the 10th century. In early writing from the Norse culture, a tooth fee called “Tand-Fe” is mentioned. In this tradition, parents pay a small fee when a child loses their first tooth.

Many believe the tooth fee was paid out of susperstition. Children’s teeth were considered valuable and that brought good luck. Norsemen warriors would often wear necklaces made of children teeth as a form of protection during a battle.

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day And Schedule A Routine Dental Exam Today

Celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day can be filled with several activities, including sharing the folklore about it with your kids. It is also an opprtunity to educate your children about proper brushing techniques and the importance of seeing the dentist for regular dental exams.

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