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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are permanent structures designed to essential “bridge” the gap where missing teeth are in the mouth. Our procedure is safe and effective. Learn how a dental bridge can help restore your smile today.

Replace Missing Teeth Easily With Dental Bridges From The Dental and Denture Care Center

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are an effective solution to help restore your smile. It is a process that is used to “bridge” a gap in one’s smile. A dental bridge is anchored by neighboring teeth with a dental crown or dental implants.

Missing teeth can cause difficulty in chewing and eating, not to mention, embarrasment. Many people with missing teeth often lack self confidence and avoid social situations because of their reluctance to smile. Your teeth are important to the structure of your face. They provide support to your lips and jaw. When teeth go missing, parts of the face can sag, giving it the appearance of a much older person.

Dr. Juan Fabrega is highly experienced constructing bridges for patients in Spring Hill and Brooksville, Florida. When teeth go missing due to accidents or periodontal disease, it is important to have them replaced. Once a tooth is lost, the bone will begin to deteriorate. The longer the area is exposed, the more likely the bone will cause signifigant problems later in life. When the gumline is no longer protected by a tooth, it is also more likely to experience gum diseases. Therefore, getting a replacement installed as soon as possible is always the best option.

A bridge secured with a dental implant is always the best option as it provides a stronger and more secure  fit. However, the investment required may be larger. Most dental bridge work is considered cosmetic and may not be covered by dental insurance. However, dental financing options are available to help restore your smile.

Dental And Denture Care Center Dental Bridges

Are There Alternatives To Dental Bridges?

Today’s advanced dental technology can help restore your smile. That technology is available right here at The Dental and Denture Care Center. There are several options Dr. Juan C. Fabrega can can use to help imporve the functionality and look of your smile. We understand that those who are missing teeth may have difficulty speaking or chewing comfortably. Our expert dental team is here to help.

Dental Implants Instead of Dental Bridges

Dental implants are small titanium posts inserted into the jaw bone. A realistic tooth is then attached giving the appearance and function of a real tooth. In order for a patient to receive dental implants, they must have a significant amount of healthy jaw bone to work with. Dr. Juan C. Fabrega will perform a detailed dental exam to determine if dental implants are the best alternative to dental bridges.

Partial or Full Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace the entire bottom set or top arch of a set of teeth, whereby partial dentures replace only some teeth. They are often removable. Our dental team will make sure your dentures fit comfortably in your mouth and give you a natural appearance. If patients don’t want removable dentures, there are options to have dentures permanently installed thorugh a specialized implant process.

Implant Supported Dental Bridges

An implant supported bridge is an ideal process for patients that are missing several consecutive teeth. In a standard procedure, dental bridges typically relay on neighboring teeth for support. However with advancements in dental technolgy, longer bridges can be installed using dental implant technology. The benefit is a permanent solution that requires zero maintenance.

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At The Dental and Denture Care Center, Dr. Juan C. Fabrega and his expert team of dental assistants will provide you with the very best service when getting your dental bridges. Our goal is in improving your smile and giving back your self confidence.

To learn more about your options for replacing missing teeth, please call us today at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here and set up an appointment today.

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