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Full dentures are removable dental replacements for missing teeth. They are needed when a person has a wide gap with three or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are also available to replace one or more missing teeth. Most dentures are made of porcelain or acrylic and are held together with wire clasps that grip onto the surrounding teeth.

Importance Of High Quality Dentures

After undergoing a surgical dental service such as an extraction most people want an immediate replacement to wear so they can eat, talk and smile normally. Temporary custom-made dentures are available and can be worn the same day an extraction is performed. Likewise, dentures can help improve a person’s self esteem and aesthetics. Missing teeth can cause a sunken appearance in the mouth area. However, by restoring the teeth, this sunken appearance is corrected and a person’s facial features will return to normal.

Today’s dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than they’ve been in the past. Dentures help people who have missing teeth look and feel more attractive, so that they can smile again and regain self-confidence.

There are several kinds of dentures. However, there are three main kinds of denture types: full or complete, fixed and partial.

Full dentures are usually only required for those that have lost most or all of their teeth. Those that have lost only a few teeth typically choose to get fixed partial dentures. Sometimes these are known as a dental bridge or a crown. In some cases, patients have lost too many teeth to get fixed partial dentures, but not enough for full dentures. In this instance, removable partial dentures are usually the best option.

 A common challenge with dental plate is the ability for the replacement device to stay in place. Proper fitting dentures are based on three main principles:

  • Support – As a person chews food, the denture has a tendency to grip the gum tighter, which prevents movement towards the arch of the mouth.
  • Stability – The denture’s base should prevent horizontal slipping.
  • Retention – The ability of the denture to remain attached is strongly related to how well the inside of the denture mimics the anatomy of the mouth. The more accurate the copy, the better the retention and seal.

Who wears dentures?

Our denture services provide artificial replacements for people who are missing multiple teeth on the top, bottom or both rows of the mouth, or who have wide gaps with three or more missing teeth. The primary causes of tooth loss are aging, gum disease, extreme decay and accidents.

Customized Denture Services

Our denture services provide prosthetic devices design to help those that have lost their teeth due to injury, decay or periodontal disease perform normal activities such as chewing and speaking. Missing teeth can also contribute to a sunken appearance in the mouth area. By adding dentures, a person can restore their normal physical appearance. At the Dental and Denture Care Center, located in nearby Brooksville, we have our own on site denture laboratory where our dentists maintain complete control over the denture making process in order to fit your specific oral care needs.


Denture Wearing patient

Implant Retained Dentures

An alternative to traditional denture services are Implant Retained Dentures. These are dentures that a re secured with a titanium post which offers more stability and strength. The benefit of these types of dentures is that a person can speak and eat without having to worry about whether the dentures will slip or not because they function just like natural teeth.

The implant procedure used to take months. However, with advancements in technology and our own on site lab, patients can receive their replacement teeth sometimes in as little as one day. Call our office at (352) 848-1050 or contact us on our website for a consultation today.

What Are Overdentures?

Overdentures are full dentures that are securely anchored to the jaw so that they don’t slip or move when a person is eating or speaking. They make life a lot easier for those folks that have lost all of their teeth. Overdentures are similar to normal dentures except that they are secured in place using implants or by the preserved tooth roots. Implant supported overdentures have a very high success rate and can last ten years or more. Patients report that they are extremely comfortable and will allow a person to eat anything they want including chewy, sticky or tough foods.

What Are Bridges?

Bridges are natural looking tooth replacements that restore a natural facial appearance and help ease stress placed on the jaw from missing teeth. Fixed bridges are cemented to existing teeth and do not come out. Removable bridges are able to be taken out of the mouth easily.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial denture replacement devices are used to replace one or more teeth that are missing due to disease. They help restore normal facial features and prevent further gum disease. When one or more healthy teeth remain in place and can be used the support this type of device, a partial denture is commonly used. Once the partial is in place, a person will be able to speak clearly, smile and chew with no issues.

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