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Learn About These Dental Implant Myths Before You Upgrade Your Smile

Do you have missing teeth and are considering options to have them replaced? Are you concerned about the dental implant myths that you have heard about? Here at the Dental And Denture Care Center in Spring Hill, Florida, we can help you choose the perfect tooth replacement option that fits your needs. In the meantime, we have put together some common myths that are associated with dental implants. Read to learn more.

 Myth: Dental Implants Are Purely A Cosmetic Procedure

 When one has missing teeth, one of the major side effects is bone loss due to improper distribution of stress on the jaw. While dental implants are designed to replicate your natural teeth, they also serve an important function by creating balance among the jawbone and preventing bone loss.

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Myth: Dental Implants Don’t Really Work

The actual truth is that dental implants have up to a 98% success rate due to the use of biocompatible materials and the advancement of modern dental technology. Once implants are installed, a patient typically never has to worry about them ever again for the rest of their life.

Another Of Dental Implant Myths: Implants Aren’t As Strong As Real Teeth

While it is true that your natural teeth are incredibly strong, over the course of time, cavities, natural wear and tear and even gum disease can weaken the structure of the tooth. If left untreated, this can contribute to tooth damage or tooth loss. When teeth need to be restored with implants, dentists will agree that dental implants are actually stronger than our natural teeth.

Myth: Dental Implants Are High Maintenance

Caring for your dental implants is no more difficult than caring for your natural teeth. Once teeth have been restored with dental implants, they will last for decades, and in many cases, the rest of a patient’s life. As long as good oral hygiene habits are in place, there’s no reason why your dental implants won’t last a lifetime.

One Of The Most Common Dental Implant Myths: Dental Implants Are Way Too Expensive

Probably the most common dental implant myth, is that they are too expensive. While the up front costs of dental implants may be higher than many other tooth replacement options, implants can help save a ton of money and expensive dental bills down the road.

 When you get dental implants, you are replacing those teeth forever. As mentioned before with the case of missing teeth, dental implants can help prevent bone loss in the jaw. Permanent dental implants also mean zero tooth decay problems.

 When considering dental implant myths, a patient may want to consult with their dental insurance provider to see if a portion of the cost could be covered as well. If not, there are also dental financing options that can help make the cost of the procedure budget friendly for many patients.

Forget The Dental Implant Myths And Learn More About Improving Your Smile Today

A visit to your Spring Hill family dentist for your checkups and teeth cleaning is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about dental implants. If you’re ready to learn more, our team is dedicated to finding the perfect tooth replacement option for you. Please call The Dental and Denture Care Center at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here to schedule an appointment today.