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Is Pain After A Dental Implant Procedure Normal?

Is your tolerance for pain generally low or have you been hesitant about getting your teeth corrected because of the pain that may come along with a dental implant procedure? Everyone’s experience is different. You may have heard horror stories while also heard others singing the praises of their dental implants. When it comes to getting dental implants, you may experience some pain or no pain at all. Here at the Dental and Dentuire Care Center in Spring Hill, Florida, we are happy to assist you with letting you know what your experience may be like when you get an implant procedure done.

What To Expect During A Dental Implant Procedure

When you opt to get dental implantation surgery, the procedure is usually done under general anesthesia, IV sedation or local anesthesia. In any of these cases, you won’t feel any pain during the surgery itself.

During recovery after your surgery, you may experience some discomfort for three to five days. However, any pain is usually cured with medication that may be prescribed by your dentist. If your pain lasts longer than this, our dental team can step in and provide instructions on the best steps to take to eliminate your pain.

Examples of symptoms you may experience after the surgery include:

  • Excessive bleeding at the surgical site
  • Bruising
  • Jaw pain
  • Swelling of the face and gums
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Taking Care After Your Dental Implant Procedure

After your procedure is complete, your dental surgeon will provide you with an after care routine. A routine of care may include the following:

  • Using ice packs to reduce the swelling
  • Avoiding hot and hard foods as much as possible
  • Taking pain medication as prescribed
  • Getting lots of rest the day of and a few days after your dental implant procedure
  • Instructions for taking care of the surgical site

Interested In Learning More About Dental Implants?

A visit to your Spring Hill family dentist for your checkups and teeth cleaning is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about dental implants and whether they are right for you. Hopefully, after reading this article, you realize that the pain won’t be as bad as you thought and you’re finally ready to make a committment to getting dental implants. Please call The Dental and Denture Care Center at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here to schedule a consultation today. Our team of dental experts are here to help you regain your confidence to start smiling more.