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April 7 Through April 14 Is National Dental Hygienists Week. Here’s How To Celebrate.

National Dental Hygienist Week Is Designed To Bring Awareness To What These Amazing Professionals Do For Patients

Celebrate National Dental Hygienist Week and learn more about what these amazing dental  professionals do during your next dental hygiene appointment here at the Dental And Denture Care Center.

 What Does A Dental Hygienist Do?

Your registered dental hygienist (RDH) updates and reviews your individual medical history to ensure our team is informed of concerns or issues and is addressed appropriately for your dental hygiene needs. Your dental hygienist will also be the one who performs routine dental checkups in conjunction with taking X-rays for diagnostic purposes under the oversight of your licensed professional dentist here in our office.

Your hygienist will provide you with expert routine teeth cleanings customized just for you, in conjunction with reviewing personalized oral hygiene home care instructions. Recommendations from your hygienist will be provided in helping you suit your at-home oral health care needs including personalized advice on toothbrushes, rinses, and even tooth whitening procedures.

 At the end of your appointment, your hygienist is also the one that usually provides you with a “goody bag” full of product samples and a brand new toothbrush.

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 What Kind Of Training Do Dental Hygienists Have?

Your hygienist has extensive knowledge and training that allows them to perform a valuable service not only for our office team but to you, the patient! Depending on the dental office requirements, most dental hygienists have a hands on education with a two or four year degree from an accredited college.

Patients will typically spend most of their time here in our office with a designated dental hygienist who is familiar with your dental hygiene history.

Dr. Juan C. Fabrega could not nearly be as effective without the amazing services of our dental hygienists we here in the office. Your experience in our office wouldn’t be the same without them!

Remembering The Importance Of Oral And Dental Hygiene

The mind of a dental hygienist is like a library of oral care of knowledge. We mainly associate them with cleaning our teeth. However, you’re mean job is to provide a preventative care for your teeth. Our hygienists aim each and every day to make our patients confident in the experiences of the dental care they receive in our office.

Our dental hygienists here at The Dental and Denture Care Center are ultimately the backbone of our family practice. Please remember during National Dental Hygienist Week, be sure to take a moment and let them know how much you appreciate them for all that they do.

Many standard procedures for patients are provided by our dental hygienists during routine check ups. If it is time for your next dental exam, please call our office at 352-848-1050 or contact us on our website here to schedule a visit.

Celebrate National Dental Hygienist Week With Us!

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