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On November 1st, Show Off Your Best Smile On National Brush Day

Did you know that the number one contributor to tooth decay is the overconsumption of sweets and sugary drinks? Therefore, it is the perfect time to send that reminder to take extra care of our teeth, especially after all that candy during Halloween. Every year on November 1st, National Brush Day is celebrated to create awareness around good oral hygeine by sharing facts about brushing and activities that make brushing our teeth enjoyable.

What Is National Brush Day?

National Brush Day is a day of observance created by the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation and is celebrated every November 1st in the Unitied States. It lands on the day after Halloween to emphasize the importance of good brushing habits and to promote oral hygeine habits recommended by dental professionals. On this day we are invited to conciously take time to brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day.

Dental And Denture Care Center How To Brush

Up Your Brushing Game With These Four Unusual Toothpaste Flavors

If you want to make brushing your teeth interesting or just looking for an unusal gift for your loved ones, check out these alternative flavored toothpastes. These toothpastes are safe for dentures and dental implants as well.


While many of us love to eat bacon for breakfast, the Fresh Pig brand created a toothpaste for the days you don’t have time to make it. 


Contrary to what you may think, this chocolate toothpaste is perfectly safe for your teeth and even looks like a delicious candy bar. Perfect for the chocolate lovers in your life.

Wasabi Flavored Toothpaste

If you’re bored with your plain old minty toothpaste routine, add some spice to your life with this wasabi flavored toothpaste and take your dental hygeine to a whole new level.


Due to the high acid in the brine, pickles are actually one of the worst foods for your teeth. However, this pickle toothpaste corrects that issue by cleaning your teeth and coating your mouth with the sour goodness of dill pickles.


Celebrate National Brush Day With The Dental And Denture Care Center

In an effort to advance our comittment to providing a healthy smile for all our patients, we invite you to take time on Tuesday, November 1st and make a committment to improving your oral hygeine habits. Plus, if it has been a while since your last dental exam, call The Dental and Denture Care Center at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here to schedule a check up today. Our team of dental experts are here to give you the best smile of your life.