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Root Canal Appreciation Day Is May 12, 2021

Did you know Root Canal Appreciation Day is May 12th, 2021? This special day is sponsored each year by Professional Endodontics as a way to educate patients about new dental techniques and obtaining the highest level of dental care.

Root canals are a misunderstood dental procedure, often striking fear into those that even hear the words “root canal”. However, they are an important dental procedure that help clear your teeth of infections and prevent tooth loss.

Root Canal Appreciation Day is designed to change today’s misinformation by educating people about the benefits of root canals, as well as providing instruction to dentists on safe and effective root canal treatments for their patients.

Whats’s The History Behind Root Canal Appreciation Day?

Root Canal Appreciation Day was created by Dr. Chris Krammer, who is known within the dental community for writing music designed to promote the importance of dental health. He has appeared on American Idol to help educate people on proper dental care. The day marks the occasion to celebrate the importance of root canal procedures.

One way you can celebrate the miracle of root canals is simply to send your favorite dentist a thank you note showing appreciation for all their hard work, not just for root canals, but for all the skilled dental surgery they perform along with the basic necessities like dental exams.

If you find root canals to be an interesting topic, then another way you can celebrate is simply by sharing the information you have learned about this tooth saving technique with others. Educating others helps make a dentist’s job easier. They will thank you for it.

How Does Root Canal Appreciation Day Teach Us About Good Dental Care?

Infections and disease of your natural teeth can happen.  Should this happen to you, there are options. Fix it, take it out, or leave it alone. Leaving it alone is not a great option. The infection will remain and cause more pain and possibly spread and infect surrounding teeth.  You can temporarily treat a tooth infection with an oral antibiotic. However this is only a temporary fix. The infection must be removed to treat the problem. 
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Removing An Infection Can Be Done In One Of Two Ways

One way to remove an infection is to extract the tooth with the infection. However, removing natural teeth can lead to other problems, such as the teeth in front of or behind the extracted tooth can drift into the empty space. Also the teeth above or below the missing tooth can super erupt or move too far away from the bone in your jaw, thus exposing the root of the tooth. This can also lead to more bone loss and mobility of the surrounding teeth which will eventually lead to further tooth loss.

The best way to save a natural tooth with infection or nerve trauma is to do what’s called a root canal. Root canals can be performed by a general dentist or sometimes a specialty dentist called an Endodontist.

The pulp or nerve of the tooth is the innermost structure of the tooth. When a root canal is needed, the nerve is infected by bacteria or trauma, causing a great deal of pain. To alleviate pain and infection, the nerve must be removed. Many people believe a root canal is an extremely painful procedure.  It’s in fact a very painless and quick procedure. Once the pulp “nerve” of the tooth is affected, it can be removed by using a local anesthetic. The nerve is removed and the nerve canal is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. The average procedure only takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Once the nerve and infection is removed, the recommended way to restore the tooth is with a crown. If not restored, the risk of losing the root canaled tooth is high. The tooth can become very brittle and break. Follow up treatment after a root canal is generally within 2 weeks after root canal therapy.

Talk To Us About Your Oral Hygiene During Root Canal Appreciation Day

The goal of a root canal is to save your natural teeth from loss. A visit to your Spring Hill family dentist for your checkups and teeth cleaning is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about Root Canal Appreciation Day and how a root canal can prevent tooth loss, because saving your natural teeth will lead to a lifetime of happy healthy smiles. Call The Dental and Denture Care Center at (352) 848-1050 or contact us through our website here to schedule your appointment today. Our team of dental experts are here to give you the best smile of your life.